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We Cover Your Event turns your event into an online publication. We cover conferences and expert meetings, interview your speakers, and draw up lessons learned and key takeaways.

Our team of journalists, photographers, videographers and designers is present at your event to create custom-made content. Everything we deliver is designed to match your corporate identity and can be shared as quickly as the same evening. We Cover Your Event is a great way to stay in touch with your attendees and to report back on events and conferences to donors and other stakeholders.


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E-zines are custom‑tailored online magazines. Depending on your needs and wishes, we can deliver anything from a stylish landing page with facts and figures to an in‑depth multimedia magazine. A typical e‑zine contains the highlights of your event or conference, as well as easy‑to‑read reports on plenaries, meetings, workshops and sessions, and interviews with speakers and attendees. E‑zines are written and designed in line with your tone of voice and visual identity. An e‑zine can be hosted on your own url and is especially suited for sharing via social media.

E‑zines start from €­ 3,900. Please contact us for more information and a tailored price quote.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a neatly designed update on the event so far – and a preview of what’s still to come. During the day our team works on creating a short‑and‑sweet newsletter with quotes of the day, highlights and concise interviews that can be sent out as soon as the last session closes. This daily newsletter is a valuable addition to multi‑day events.

Daily Digest starts from € 950. Please contact us for more information and a tailored price quote.

Print magazine

A printed, paper publication serves as a tangible and informative keepsake. The magazine can cover the event, its results and the follow‑up. Alternatively, it can be produced in advance and handed out during the event to inform attendees about your organization, new policies or future plans.

Print magazines start from € 3,900. Please contact us for more information and a tailored price quote.

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We Cover Your Event is an initiative of journalists Julie de Graaf and Eva de Valk. We are based in Leiden, the Netherlands. We work with top‑notch journalists, photographers, videographers, designers, (native) editors and proofreaders to create high‑quality corporate publications.

Curious what We Cover Your Event can do for you? Contact us at info@wecoveryourevent.com.

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